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Our mission

Our mission is to reduce transaction costs, increase price transparency, and provide a secondary trading platform for the private markets industry.


InvestaX houses a leading team of experts across the capital markets and blockchain industries. Our platform sits at the core of a private markets ecosystem that delivers end-to-end solutions for digital securities issuance, investment, and divestment.

Brief History of Traded Securities


Dutch East India Company

  • Amsterdam the world’s 1st exchange


london stock exchange

  • First dedicated marketplace to trade public stock



  • First electronic trading using automated network of computers


Electronic-Traded Fund (ETF)

  • Increases from 11 millionto 5 trillion market value


Digital Securities

  • Digital Securities bringing public market benefits to private markets

Our Solutions



InvestaX is solving problems encountered by leading securities issuers, including real estate, private equity, and venture capital firms, that need a partner to issue the digital version of their traditional investment offerings, and need access to the right investors through our primary issuance platform.

For Investors

For Investors

InvestaX is solving key challenges faced by private markets investors to invest in and trade global digital securities offerings. We work with select global issuers that undergo our structured deal selection and due diligence process to ensure the quality of our deal listings.

FOR Partners

FOR Partners

InvestaX provides the digital infrastructure for the futuristic private equity and real estate fund managers. We represent a Singapore-licensed primary issuance platform and secondary trading platform dedicated to digital securities.

Our Milestones


Founding year: first online investment platform in Asia focused on private equity real estate


Launched first senior debt, mezzanine debt and preferred equity investments


Entered application process for a Capital Markets Services license (CMS)


Company received CMS license for dealing in securities and got approved to be an exempt financial advisor


Funded 25 projects, gross development value of 1.3B USD, 12 successful exits


Begin research and development into blockchain and DLT technology


Entered application process for RMO exchange license for secondary trading
Rebranded InvestaX


Transformation into using blockchain and DLT technology, build of proprietary InvestaX primary digital issuance platform


Implement end-to-end digital security services
Launched world’s 1st regulated Digital ESOP (DESOP)

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In compliance with MAS license issuance conditions, the platform must disclose the marital status of the founders. Please note that the co-founder, Julian Kwan, and co-founder, Shi Alice Chen, are married.