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Lead your company into the digital age by tokenizing your offerings, bringing the latest technology driven investment offerings to your clients, creating greater value for your investors and taking advantage of the beauty of blockchain technology and smart contracts.

InvestaX is solving problems encountered by leading securities issuers, including real estate, private equity, and venture capital firms, that need a partner to issue the digital version of their traditional investment offerings, and need access to the right investors through our network of global investors.

Leading Companies on InvestaX

Seba bank

DTGO Corporation

Wave Financial

Jameson Capital

Cosimo X



Newground Capital

Brox Equity

Aus Finance Group

with us

Fully Licensed

Fully licensed for issuing and trading any security token for a global investor base


Strong network of distribution partners so you can reach more investors in less time

Blockchain Protocols

Choose between leading blockchain protocols including Ethereum, Algorand, Tezos, Hedera Hashgraph and STACS

Capital Raising

Global investors for global products

New Innovative Investment Structures

Create new technology driven investments such Digital SPACs , Digital ESOPs (DESOP), fractionalized NFTs, fractionalized real estate, digital funds such as e-VCC

Lead your company into the digital age by tokenizing your offerings, bringing the latest technology driven investment offerings to your clients, creating greater value for your investors and taking advantage of the beauty of blockchain technology and smart contracts.



Work with us to find the right digital strategy for you

Tokenize Your Assets

We provide the tech for companies to digitalize their existing analog securities


Access global investors on the InvestaX platform to grow your business


As a licensed financial institution, InvestaX conducts full KYC/AML of investors so you can focus on the business


Provide new liquidity options for your company and employees

Liquidity Solution

AMM and liquidity pools for Security Tokens

Security Token

Secondary Trading

  • OTC Trading

  • Trade Settlement

  • Market Making Solutions


  • Due Diligence

  • Feasibility


  • Investment Memorandum

  • Term Sheet

  • Legal and Tax Advice

Capital Raising

  • B2C Distribution on InvestaX Platform

  • B2B Distribution Partners

  • Investor Roadshows

Token Issuance

  • Proprietary Token Issuance Technology

  • Smart Contract Development

  • Onboarding and Whitelisting of Investors

Deal-Life Cycle Management

  • Corporate Actions

  • Security Token Custody


To find out more about why our Tokenization SaaS is the superior solution in the market please read our latest post here

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Security Tokens are digital representations of traditional securities and financial interests, such as a contract of equity or debt in real estate and private equity. Security Tokens open up a new world of financial instruments and investment structures supported by blockchain and smart contracts.


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