Secure and co-branded investment platform for ALL your security offerings so you can create your own ecosystem using blockchain technology.

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Given the growth and potential scope of new digital assets, firms must be ready to evolve from the traditional model of exchanging securities for cash to a digital environment where clearing houses become “asset transfer facilitators” handling a variety of “asset for asset” transactions.



Issue digital securities on blockchain to benefit from the open systems of Web 3.0

Structure tokenized offering to transform illiquid assets into tradable NFTs and securities.

Access exchange and DeFi marketplaces to provide increased liquidity.

What can be Tokenized?





Value Propositions

Web 2.0 Investments

Closed systems

Paper-based security offerings

No liquidity solutions

Traditional finance (TradFi) only

No connection to digital assets, DeFi, and NFTs

Web 3.0 Investments

Open systems

Digital securities offerings (DSO)

Available liquidity solutions

TradFi and DeFi

Connects to digital assets, NFTs, and more


Global products with global investors

Fully licensed to issue any digital securities for a global investor base

Unlimited number of assets that can be tokenized and listed on the platform

Strong network of distribution partners to reach more investors in less time

Co-branded section for any existing or future asset to be tokenized

Choice of leading blockchain protocols including Ethereum, Algorand, Tezos, Hedera and Polygon

Provides ability to create tech-driven financial products such as digital SPAC, digital ESOPs (DESOP), fractionalized NFTs, fractionalized real estate, and digital funds like e-VCC

Blockchain-enabled digital securities investment platform

Our Tokenization process


The token issuer will register with the InvestaX to create a new digital security offering (DSO) and configure the details.


DSO information and structure will be documented and presented in an investment memorandum, subscription agreement, teaser deck, and any other marketing material prepared by the token issuer.


Confirmation of token ticker and smart contract. The digital securities will then be ready for primary issuance and trading on InvestaX.


Investors who are qualified and onboarded by InvestaX will will be able to invest using their whitelisted wallets.


Investors, and issuers will be able to view positions, cash, and tokens.

Co-Branded Platform

Tokenize with us

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Digital Securities are digital representations of traditional securities and financial interests, such as a contract of equity or debt in real estate and private equity. DSOs open up a new world of financial instruments and investment structures. They are supported using distributed ledger technology and smart contracts.


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