Rates of Return and Non-Performing Loan Rates

 Rate of ReturnsNon-Performing Loan Rates
Years of DisbursementLowest and Highest Rates (per annum)Weighted Average (per annum)Loan which are past 30 days but less than 90 daysLoan which are past 90 days
20178.5% to 24%14.62%0%0%
201811% to 20%13.75%0%0%

* Not Applicable as platform did not launch any debt-based offerings


Historical rates of returns may not reflect future returns

  • Definition: Lowest and Highest Rates (per annum)

    The lowest and highest interest rate (excluding defaulted loans) from deals that InvestaCrowd launched in a particular year, net of fees and charges to investors

  • Definition: Weighted Average (per annum)

    The weighted average interest rate (excluding defaulted loans) from deals that InvestaCrowd launched in a particular year, net of fees and charges to investors.

This interest rate is derived from the sum of the net interest rate times the total loan amount per deal in a particular year, divided by the sum of the total loan amount in the same year.

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