Wave Kentucky Whiskey 2020 Digital Fund
The first installment of Wave’s Kentucky Whiskey Digital Fund is designed to buy freshly made whiskey barrels from Wilderness Trail Distillery, store for aging at the distillery, and then sell into the secondary market once the barrels have increased in value due to aging.
Projected Fundraise:
USD 10,000,000
Deal Highlights
The primary general purpose of the Fund is for buying and holding an inventory of whiskey produced on its behalf and liquidated over time as the value increases. The Fund’s investment objective is to capture the returns associated with increase in value of American whiskey during its aging process. The Fund’s investment objective is to seek capital appreciation, generally, by buying and holding an inventory of whiskey produced on its behalf and liquidated over time as the value increases. The value of newly produced whiskey increases in value, and the Fund will acquire newly created barrels of whiskey and keep it in storage. The Fund will then sell the inventory down over time as the value is expected to increase. The goal is to maximize return for the investors.
About The Issuer
Name: Wave Kentucky Whiskey 2020 Digital Fund

Wave Financial is a US SEC-registered Investment Advisor, which creates and managed a suite of diversified digital asset investment products Investment Strategies - Applying successful traditional investment strategies to digital assets, such as income & growth, index tracking, real asset tokenization, and venture capital. Tokenized Funds - Offering regulated and managed exposure to digital assets, providing an outlet for unmet demand for unique exposure. Wealth Management - Working with each client to support the unique needs of their individual portfolio, using bespoke strategies and institutional service providers

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