Albert Park, Victoria, Australia
Provision of short term senior loan for a land acquisition at Albert Park, Victoria, Australia
Projected Fundraise:
AUD 1,200,000
Deal Highlights
Short term financing for borrower to acquire a land that came with development approval
About The Issuer
Name: Albert Park, Victoria, Australia

Founded in 2012, Assetline has built an enviable track record as a trustworthy, reliable and flexible financial partner, writing over 600 deals, with a value of over $1,200,000,000. We take pride in our history of capital preservation for wholesale investors, with all investments fully repaid. Assetline lends against first mortgage property, for scenarios such as: Residential, commercial or land bridging loans, to unlock the equity in an existing property, or to allow a buyer to fast-pace their settlement on a property under contract. Refurbishment loans, to allow for the completion of a property’s refurbishment, or minor development works not requiring a Development Application. Development finance, for the commencement or refinancing of residential and commercial projects from established developers within metropolitan areas. Loans to SMSFs through a Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement for the purchase of commercial or residential property. Loans against a developer’s residual stock in a completed development. Deals secured against residential and commercial property, designed for non-Australian residents.

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